Have you heard of this case? We all think we have the right to a fair trial....that is what Henry is asking for!!

You don't need to decide on his innocence OR guilt but we ask that you act and sign the online petition if you think Henry has been denied a basic right. If you need more information to make up your mind then watch the 2 short TV programmes.

Henry needs our action....will you add your name?



Dear Attorney-General John Rau,

I am most concerned that Mr Keogh, who is able to demonstrate that evidence used in his prosecution was flawed and without scientific merit, does not have a legal right to review. I understand that the law requires Mr Keogh to petition you as the Attorney-General to gain access to the Supreme Court for an appeal.

If there is even the slightest of doubt about the safety of Mr. Keogh’s conviction, then I would expect that you would allow the appeal to proceed.

As our elected, executive member of the judicial system we call on you to uphold and protect the integrity of the system to ensure fairness and justice. Where there is suggestion of false and flawed evidence you have the power AND the obligation to allow and insist the Supreme Court deals with the matter.

It has been stated by numerous people and in two recent television programmes, 60 Minutes and Today Tonight, that Dr Manock, chief pathologist, had given sworn evidence in Medical Board proceedings which contradicted the evidence which he had given at trial. It was also stated that under the principles laid down by the High Court, this alone provided a sufficient basis for allowing the appeal.

Further, I ask that you support the establishment of a Criminal Cases Review Commission, as exists in the United Kingdom, so as to give a legal right of impartial review to those alleging a miscarriage of justice.

Yours Sincerely,